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9th International Lighting Design Workshop:
Focus on practice & learning from professionals

18th‑23rd April 2021


International lighting design workshops are one of the bigger features of KRONACH in lights: Within six days students from all over the world get the unique chance to test their theoretical knowledge in practice. They are mentored by renowned lecturers from universities and architectural studios that focus on light. The team develops concepts, puts them into practice and finally, they can be presented to the 130,000 visitors as a homogenous part of the light festival in Kronach.

You can find more details in our Workshop-Flyer or at


At luxlumina 23/2018 our long-time partner Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Römhild recommends the Workshops in Kronach:

When experimenting with the effects of light, ‘the Lighting Design Workshop in public space is a particularly effective one. It challenges the students to do their best in a short time. To try again and again, to interpret the building and space through light. So the location seems new and unknown to the visitors. At the same time, working as part of a team is required and encouraged, even in difficult situations. One is forced to gain the ability to make decisions in a short space of time. For these experimental workshops events like “Kronach in lights” are particularly well-suited.”
“Here students have the opportunity to test how light interacts with architecture. They offset locations in a different socio-cultural context.”


KRONACH in lights Workshop Movie

The special thing about KRONACH in lights we reveal here



About the Event

Description of the Workshops 2019


International Lighting Design Workshop Light Point 46
Upper Amtsgerichtsstreet and Martinsplace
Workshophead: Dr. Ashraf Nessim

Left surprising light, in the middle the Rubelhouse to look at, right orientation lighting. Photo: Falk Bätz

Under the guidance of the Egyptian workshophead, the light stories are colorful!
With his cultural background Dr. Ashraf Nessim from Ain Shams University in Cairo brings a unique signature to KRONACH in lights: The Egyptian scientist who studied architecture with special training in façade lighting has a distinctly different idea of color, dynamics and lighting than his European colleagues. In this way, the students get to know an exciting new perspective, experience impulses from a different culture and take unusual suggestions with them.


Created concept: Trinity of Light: 3 Lighting Principles
1. Orientation lighting: city tower
2. Emotional lighting: Rubelhouse
3. Shadow play: Moni+Tor

Based on the three main points of the square and the three different types of architectural lighting, the concept was chosen to be called “trinity of light”. This allowed learning about three ways of emphasizing urban area and its details with lighting. For the audience the concept shows three characters of the area with Richard Kelly’s principles:
– Ambient Luminescence: inviting and orientating atmosphere
– Focal Glow: focused and interesting light for the main attractions
– Play of Brilliants: something fun and artistic to find as a surprise.

Workshop participants:
Elerin helmeste
Elisa Hillgen
Mahtab Esmaeelzadeh
Mahmoud Essam
Amr Ezzat


International Lighting Design Workshop Light Point 66
Parish church St. Johannes, Melchior-Otto-Place
Workshophead: Sabine De Schutter

Cold light for orientation, warm for wellbeing. Photo: Tim Klimaschewski

With the students, the lighting designer focuses on creative storytelling.
Sabine De Schutter is in her element when it comes to lighting design, but she has a very varied educational background: she is a lighting designer, interior designer and design developer, and a pedagogically trained lecturer worldwide. Her hobby is the classic architectural lighting: With the help of light and shadow she works out the formal language of the buildings. This year, she is not only active as a lecturer at KRONACH in lights, but also contributes to the success of the light festival with her own light art works.


Created concept: Invitation to the light festival
The workshop’s site touches some of the most important buildings of Kronach, visible from many points of the city. For that reason the approach to the lighting project was mainly architectonic, with the goal of making the facades and their details stand out from many perspectives. The two scales taken into account are underlined by the light colours: cold to attract from the long distance and warm to make the atmosphere pleasant at the human scale. In this way the visitor entering Kronach can appreciate the beauty of the church, the bell tower and the facades of the main square and be guided in his path towards the upper town.

Workshop participants:
Ahmed Mohamed Aboshall
Alicia Bätz
Gina Wagdi Rafla
Rana Ramy Zakher
Sarah Ashraf Youssef
Sara Hazem Tarif
Willy Wittig


International Lighting Design Workshop Light Point 64
Bamberg Gate to Melchior-Otto-Place
Workshophead: Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Michael Bamberger

Storytelling with light. Photo: Falk Bätz

Students from all over the world learn everything important about lighting design: in theory and practice!
He was one of the first to take on an International Workshop at KRONACH in lights, and since then our students have been benefiting enormously each year from his experience. Michael Bamberger is a man of practice and junior boss at Engineers Bamberger GmbH from Pfünz near Eichstätt. The recipe for success: Creativity in light and electrical planning, combined with passionate perfectionism and solid expertise. Michael Bamberger’s career is correspondingly broad: training as an electrician, studying electrical engineering and lighting technology, internship at the architecture office. One of his most prominent works can be admired in Munich’s Lenbachhaus, where he staged Expressionist masterpieces with a mixture of daylight and artificial light. Another specialty is church lighting, e.g. Cologne and Bamberg Cathedral.


Created concept: The elements of life – the 4 elements
1. Bamberg gate: earth, origin of life
2. Auf der Schütt: air, miniature hot air balloons as a symbol of freedom
3. Well: water
4. Melchior-Otto-Pillar: fire

Starting from the basics of what makes up all of our lives in the international workshop, we dealt with the similarities. Topics such as nature, environmental protection and questions of life were addressed. Projected onto our area we saw the four elements (air, water, fire and earth) very well present. According to the Greek natural philosopher Empedocles, they represent four qualities which are contained in us all and everything as early as 500 BC.
You come through the mysterious gate, the Bamberg gate and enter the earth, see the sky full of colorful stars in a protected area. In the expanse that follows, you will find the almost childlike shadow play, followed by the branched shadows of our nature, which is wrapped everywhere and worthy of protection. All these stages characteristics of life on Earth no matter what country we come from.
Then you come to the large piazza, where you can see the column in bright red on the right as a symbol of fire. War and destruction but also radiating warmth and well-being.
The dynamic water in the fountain literally stands for life, cooling clarity and can glide us through between our fingers.
On the left then the ascending coloured hot air balloons, which represent the pure and light air. Already now the movie “Balloon” shows us the desire for freedom as it was realized not far from Kronach a few decades ago.
Our area should invite you to pause, think, but also to stimulate and try out.

Workshop participants:
Bassel Mamdouh
Farah Hassanin
Fatema Mohamed
Jakob Schick
Katrin Kivisikk

Description of the Workshops 2018


Lichtpunkt 53: Workshop Mapping “On/Off”

Photo: Jennifer Alka

For the first time in history of Kronach in lights a video installation in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences Europe from Berlin and Hamburg is shown in the Regimentsstube at the Kronach Rosenberg Fortress. Together with the workshop heads Alexander Trattler and Prof. Verena Kraemer students from the departmemts of film and motion design, game design, communication design and illustration created a modular sculpture. A variety of videos are projected on its surfaces. An audiovisual experience awaits the visitor, which leads the castle in a whole new light.

INSTRUCTOR : Alexander Trattler, Verena Kraemer

Here you will find the workshop video entitled “Best workshop ever”


Teams and Instructors international Workshop for Lightdesign 2018 KRONACH in lights #KRONACH leuchtet#Lighting Design#Lichtdesign

Light point 3: International Lighting Design Workshop  Group 1 Spirit of Light


St. Anna, represented by the sheltering light behind the holy family. Photo: Andreas Rauh

“Seek the path of Jesus and the floating tour shall guide you”. Experience the 3 stages of Jesus’ journey through the lights, from the amber warmth of the holy family to the bluish size of heaven. Step into the Anna Chapel in the morning and you will wonder where Anna is, enter in the evening and she would reveal herself through the light that the holy family contains from behind. Walk through the centuries of the church of John the Babtist, witness to the vertical windows, overlooking the tower closest to heaven. See the greatness God has given to a prying Jesus, surrounded by his sleeping disciples in the chapel of Jesus. At the finale you end up in the children’s performances of the BDKJ, immersed in blue!

INSTRUCTOR : Michael Bamberger


Light point 11: International Lighting Design Workshop Group 2 Flowing with Light

The blue and green of the rivers that are so important for Kronach shape the workshop installation. Photo: Falk Bätz

Since medieval times the rivers represented the engine of Kronach and brought life and well-being to the community. For this reason, this installation is a celebration of rivers and water. The choice of the theme is related to the site, since the Melchior-Otto-Platz is the intersection of the main roads of the whole town, exactly as the three rivers intersect in Kronach. The roads in the square flow in a sinuous movement. Moreover, the heart of the intersection is the blue funtain, permanently creating a relaxing sound of falling waters. The theme of rivers and waters is suggested through a refreshing colour gradation of blue and green, as well as by the texture and reflections of water. In order to emphasize the blue atmosphere, contrasting magenta colour is used on the vegetation. Light is guiding people. We create a river that has its springs in the tower coming out of the cellars, flowing and washing the facade of the Lucas Cranach building, meeting in the fountain and spreading in the entire square.


  • Angelo Lombardo (Italy)
  • Dimitris Christodoulou (Cyprus)
  • Gamal Medhat (Egypt)
  • Laila Zohny (Egypt)
  • Nicholas Gatti (Italy)
  • Silvia Tripsa (Romania)
  • Valeriya Pavelko (Ukraine)
  • Yu-Ting Chen (Taiwan)

INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Ashraf Nessim (Egypt)


Light point 18: International Lighting Design Workshop  Group 3 Opera


3-colored shadows emphasize the concept of opera. Photo: Falk Bätz

Drama: an important part of the opera. Contrasting light scenarios change this part of the city into a spectacular theatrical setting. Here, the visitor becomes the actor walking in onto the stage nervously through the dark curtains. On the other side there is the excited audience walking along the red carpet, waiting curiously for the show to begin.

INSTRUCTOR : Sabine De Schutter and Isabella Mordeglia


Lichtpunkt 28: International Lighting Design Workshop  Group 4 Clarity and Mistery – Town Hall Square and Tower Area


Blue-green light and long shadows emphasize the creepy atmosphere of the witches tower. Photo: Andreas Rauh

The main idea is to create an opposition between two environments, one made of a very clear and reassuring light, the other that inspires fear and anguish. The town hall building and the square in front of it are characterized by a neutral white, very pure and simple, used in order to underline the architectural features of the buildings. For the town hall especially the white bright light is used to pint out the boundaries and the pitched roof so that the architecture really stands out. Walking toward the square you reach different trees, two of which create a gate to enter in the other area. Those trees symbolize the trees of life, realizing a link between good and bad, heaven an hell. Afterward the visitor is faced with a very different scenario where there is a tower and a walkway belonging to the medieval age. In compliance with this dark historical period, the aim was to create a mysterious an creepy atmosphere through light, according also with the “Demons game” hosted by this place. For that reason we have used a color-scheme that goes from blue to green, uplighting seats, the statue and the tower. The tower is the true protagonist of the scene, so the design focus mainly on it, trying to emphasize particular details. The result is the contrast between two different ambiences, thank to which the very scary and magical atmosphere is enhanced, involving and amazing anyone who crosses this space.

INSTRUCTOR : Clemens Grapentin


Lichtpunkt 33: International Lighting Design Workshop  Group 5 A fairytale world


Historic buildings as Snow-White and Rose-Red. Photo: Falk Bätz

A fairytale world, where you are “guided” to “somewhere over the rainbow”. The area near to the marketplace pictures the german tale “Snow-White & Rose-Red”; highlighting the idea of being different but also complementary. The small baroque building so is Snow-White, while the firehouse is Rose-Red. From that area to the next the page is turned to the scene of a rainy day followed by a beautiful rainbow leading you up to the castle.

INSTRUCTOR : Markus Julian Mayer


Participating Universities:

From the very beginning, we have worked together with universities from all over the world at the International Workshops. They provide high-ranking lecturers and give students credits for the completed workshops. Some have KRONACH in lights as a practice element firmly incorporated into their program.

These universities and institutes cooperated with us in 2018: