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7. Internationaler Lichtdesign-Workshop

22.-27. April 2018


Internationale Lichtdesign-Workshops sind eines der großen Besonderheiten von KRONACH leuchtet®: Innerhalb von sechs Tagen haben Studierende aus aller Welt die einzigartige Gelegenheit, theoretisches Wissen in der Praxis zu erproben. Renommierte Dozenten von Hochschulen und aus Architekturbüros mit Lichtschwerpunkt stehen ihnen beratend zur Seite. Im Team werden Konzepte entwickelt, umgesetzt und schließlich als homogener Bestandteil des Kronacher Lichtfestivals den 100.000 Besuchern präsentiert.


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Description of the workshop work 2017

Teams and Instructors internationaler Workshop for Lichtdesign 2017 KRONACH in lights #KRONACH leuchtet#Lighting Design#Lichtdesign

Lichtpunkt 33 Internationaler Workshop für Lichtdesign Gruppe 2 Realistic Fairytale


Our concept is built on contrast between two worlds “Realistic and Fantasy “. Our journey begins by diving people to a fantasy underworld, characterized by water creatures, surrounded by a colorful-bluish atmosphere, created by light diffusion, indirect light sources, and abstract colorful shadows, that makes peo-ple sink in that illusionary world.
Guided by the glowing path to the shiny mythical chapel, which spill you to a misty-fuzzy world, where you can lose your thoughts and imagine your own su-perstitious world.
Taken away by the bright church which focuses on the detailed architecture, reaching the door that grab you away to a whole new spiritual world, you step in the shiny light that captures your soul, creating sharp shadows with monochro-matic direct light that emphasis the great structure of the church.
The visitor will perceive a peaceful emotional mindset that adapts with the con-ception of different impressions of reality.


  • Ines Froeba
  • Chiara Vercelli
  • Mayan Assaf
  • Marco kuusik

INSTRUCTOR : Sabine De Schutter


Lichtpunkt 38 Internationaler Workshop für Lichtdesign Gruppe 3 Open Air Theater

The lighting design for the Melchior-Otto-Platz is based on a theater theme. We came to this concept through analyzing the square. We noticed that there is a lot going on in the square and its surroundings. It is a central point where people cross and we would like to invite them to stay a little bit longer. Therefore we divided the square in two parts; one part symbolizes the stage – where the elements on the square play the part of actors – and the other from which the spectators can enjoy the show. This idea is expressed through different colors and light beams. Warm and inviting colors for the spectators’ part and cool colors with sharp silhouettes to create the “play”.

We would like to welcome you in “Kronachs Open Air Theater”. Take a seat and enjoy the show!


  • Edoardo Schiari
  • Jules Simonnet
  • Liina Einla
  • Nervana Elkomy
  • Dieuwertje Vogt

INSTRUCTOR : Clemens Grapentin


Lichtpunkt 56 Internationaler Workshop für Lichtdesign Gruppe 4 TIMELIGHT


The area is compose by two different parts that are link by the footbridge. We associated the tower area with the past while the square of the city hall is related to the present. In these sense the past area is inspired by the story about the witches, magic, fire and movement; in the other hand the modern square is going to represent the rationality, order and cool. The tower square composition use vertical elements and warm lights that remember the past, in contrast for represent the modernity we’reusing horizontal lines and cool light. In order to get a relation between these opposite concepts we use the footbridge as a smooth changing light form hot to cool.



  • Luca Macario Ban
  • Berenice Guzman Gonzalez
  • Omnia Safwat
  • Santiago Torres
  • Giulia Boccetto

INSTRUCTOR : Michael Bamberger


Lichtpunkt 59 Internationaler Workshop für Lichtdesign Gruppe 5 Shining Kronach

The area starts with the “Old Town Hall” and goes all the way to the “New Town Hall” and ends by the “Clock Tower”. The team who worked on this area included students from three different nationalities. The main concept of the theme was focused around “Movement”. Many signs at this area revealed this concept. Starting by the buildings from different epochs located at the Lucas-Cranach-Straße.

When walking in the street, the “Movement” is felt when going from the Old to the New town hall passing by buildings from different eras. The lighting concept worked on reinforcing this idea. Warm color gradients were used to indicate this movement through time. Color intensity was increased to match with this movement.

In order to set a clear boarder for this zone, both the “Old Town Hall” and the “New town Hall” were illuminated by different colors to reflect their unique identity. In addition, the skyline of this area was illuminated to focus on the gradual slope of the street and to reinforce the “Movement” Concept. To make sure that the light installation has a nice intensity the street lamps were covered with the signature of Lucas Cranach.

All group members hope you enjoy the “Movement” installation and the whole festival.


  • Alice Antonacci
  • Luca Gianella
  • Mariam ElMongy
  • Nervana Elkomy
  • Mario Giompapa
  • Viviane Bourbon



Lichtpunkt 62 Internationaler Workshop für Lichtdesign Gruppe 6 city versus nature

The workshop area number five is at the Amtsgerichtstrasse. It is a long uphill road, which devides the area into two parts. On the left side, we have the „city area“, where are many public places, like a hotel and a restaurant, and also an installation, the „shopping ladies“, which represent the material society.

On the right side, there is the natural area with many plants showing a kind of untouched space. Also the installation of a dragon fits in here.


At the top of the hill, a „sunrise“ brings the two sides together: Different coloured lamps are placed on the facade of the house, which is always in front of the upcoming visitors. There is also a little add-on: The key out of metal, which is fixed on the house, can be catched if the visitor makes a shadowplay.


To underline the contrast of city and nature, the two sides are lightened up in a completely different way. The „nature side“ is in a romantic and quiet way. To make the plants visible from further away, light shadows of the oleander trees are created at the facade, and also the trees and other plants are highlighted at this side. On the „city side“, many different colours make a pop and glamorous style. Also mystic and dramatic shadows are produced to underline the architecture.



  • Nina Gettinger
  • Matteo Albry
  • Dario Ehrhardt
  • Serena Buonacorsi
  • Letizia Bisi

INSTRUCTOR : Andrea Mantello


Teams and Instructors #internationaler Workshop for Lichtdesign#KRONACH in lights #KRONACH leuchtet# Lichtdesign# Lighting Design



Description of the workshop work 2017



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