KRONACH in lights » Germany‘s most beautiful Light Event

10 Nights of Light-Festival

Every year KRONACH in lights starts with a brilliant laser and fireworks show.
Photo: Anita Janda

At dusk, Kronach begins to shine: Floodlit facades and pieces of light art transcend the town into a new, unusual light. Full of the joys of life, this light event lures around 120.000 visitors every year to enjoy themselves, discover and marvel.

In 2006, KRONACH in lights started at a manageable size, meanwhile it presents more than 70 lighting spots: from superior architectural lighting to single pieces of art that tell whole stories of light.  Every year for 10 nights around May 1st a cheerful state of emergency is prevalent with a program of concerts and culinary delights.

A lot of things are unique at KRONACH in lights: It is a festival that is organized by citizens for citizens and therefore it depends on donations, sponsors and volunteer work. Workshops give lighting expertise to students from all over the world: They get the unequalled chance to apply their theoretical knowledge gained in practice. They are being mentored by respected international lighting architects and lecturers from universities for lighting design and architecture.

The radiance of KRONACH in lights goes far beyond the 10 nights: For the Darc Award, the international lightoscar, our light festival was nominated in 2017 and 2018. With the comprehensive ‘NightActive’ concept for optimized lighting, the KRONACH-lights team won the Google Impact Challenge internet poll in 2018. As part of the “Future Conference Light”, which is hosted by the German Lighting Society in Hamburg, we present ‘NightActive’ on 16 May 2019 to the trade audience. So it is no wonder that more and more attention is being paid to our light festival.


Agency Kronach Creativ e. V.

The festival is the beacon project of KRONACH Creativ!
Photo: Falk Bätz

The festival is the beacon project of the association KRONACH Creativ that made the consolidation of the civic engagement its object. Every single person can advance the region instead of regretting developments like the demographic change. KRONACH in lights is the best example for what can be reached if one commits oneself to his or her living space, either through active participation or financial support.


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