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» Germany‘s most beautiful Light Event
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KRONACH in lights » Germany‘s most beautiful Light Event

Postponed: KRONACH in lights shines

for the 15th time April 23rd – May 2nd, 2021

With a heavy heart, we are forced to postpone the anniversary light festival by one year due to the current situation:

KRONACH in lights fascinates again as usual
April 23 – May 2, 2021 daily from 7.30 p.m.!

Our event does not fall within the official ban period. But there is no telling how the situation will develop in the next few weeks, and we definitely do not want to endanger our visitors. For economic reasons, we are therefore now forced to pull the rip cord. This way we can limit the financial losses and ensure our continued existence.

Our festival also lives from its internationality and becomes a hotspot of the light scene in advance. Many scheduled contributors – workshop leaders, lecturers, but also artists – have had to cancel their participation in the past few days. This means that large parts of the light path cannot be realized.

We hope that our countless partners, visitors and sponsors will understand. We also hope that they will remain loyal to us for the next year.

The KRONACH in lights team wishes everyone a healthy future, so that we can safely meet again at the 2021 anniversary festival.




KRONACH in lights —
the most beautiful light festival in Bavaria always offers new surprises!

Every year KRONACH in lights starts with a brilliant laser and fireworks show.
Photo: Anita Janda

Light is fascinating. When oversized, bright yellow smileys line the streets of the old town, when artistic lampshades cast mystical shadows on the hundreds of years old walls, when the rainbow-coloured, shimmering wings of giant dragonflies are reflected in the river, when a magic tree, a spectacular piece of recycling art, spreads out its illuminated branches, when thousands of people stroll through the old town being enchanted by fascinating pieces of light art, this is when KRONACH in lights is here again! Every year for 10 nights around May 1st a cheerful state of emergency is prevalent with a program of concerts and culinary delights.

The magical light festival lures 120,000 visitors into the small town of Kronach in the north of Bavaria every year. From 26.04. to 05.05.2019 86 light spots offered enjoyment, discovery and astonishment.

The thousand-year old town experienced a happy ‘state of emergency’. KRONACH in lights opened with a spectacular laser and firework show. Historical buildings were presented in a whole new light thus revealing their past. The visitors were captivated by the fascinating ideas realised by light artists from near and far!

The secret of its success is down to the unique atmosphere of KRONACH in lights! It presents light art on an international level together with varied live music and extensive culinary options. It is a peaceful festival planned by by citizens for citizens and organised by the KRONACH Creativ e.V. association There is no entrance fee as the festival is financed by donations and sponsors.

Lightwalk is living art.
Photo: Jürgen Stauch

KRONACH in lights presents light art in all its most beautiful forms:

  1. Single pieces of light art: self-lighting or illuminated expertly
    The works range from for instance, paper or plexiglass structures (propeller plane) to glass fibre wires (simulating birds flying overhead)
  2. Event lighting: colourful, in motion and often combined with storytelling
  3. High quality illumination of architecture which serves as an example for a permanent installation. With the help of cool, warm and neutral light, façades are made discernible.

The lighting expertise that has been collected over the last 14 years of KRONACH in lights is being passed on. Students from all over the world participate in the international Workshops for lighting design. Renowned lecturers pass on their knowledge in theory and practice. The students present the results of the workshops during the light festival to an interested audience.

The radiance of KRONACH in lights goes far beyond the 10 nights: For the Darc Award, the international lightoscar, our light festival was nominated in 2017 and 2018. With the comprehensive ‘NightActive’ concept for optimized lighting, the KRONACH-lights team won the Google Impact Challenge internet poll in 2018. As part of the “Future Conference Light”, which was hosted by the German Lighting Society in Hamburg, we presented ‘NightActive’ on 16 May 2019 to the trade audience. So it is no wonder that more and more attention is being paid to our light festival.

The visitors love the special aura of the festival! As reflected in the survey “Kronach is moved by lights” people enjoy the atmosphere, are amazed by the variety of attractions and are looking forward to everything that can be discovered. “Surprise me again!” is the challenge made to KRONACH in lights – and that is exactly what is repeated year after year.

KRONACH in lights will take place for the fifteenth time from 23.04. to 02.05.2021


Agency Kronach Creativ e. V.

The festival is the beacon project of KRONACH Creativ!
Photo: Falk Bätz

The festival is the beacon project of the association KRONACH Creativ that made the consolidation of the civic engagement its object. Every single person can advance the region instead of regretting developments like the demographic change. KRONACH in lights is the best example for what can be reached if one commits oneself to his or her living space, either through active participation or financial support.