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Donations and sponsorships

KRONACH in lights is a event from citizens for citizens: The income from donations, sponsorships and the selling of shining products is for the financing of the festival only. And there are enough expenses, as every year

  •             10.000 meters of wire are being lied,
  •             1.500 lamps are installed and secured with
  •             300 paving stones,
  •             8.000 cable ties are being lashed down,
  •             5.000 meters of sticky tape are used,
  •             for 80 hours a man-lift is rented,
  •             350 25-kg sign stands are moved and
  •             more than 40 students and workshop leaders are housed and taken care of.


With only 2€ donation per visit, the financing of KRONACH in lights would be secured! Naturally, despite of 100.000 visitors that much does not mount up, however the sum of the donations increases every year – and without them, Kronach would not be able to shine.

KRONACH in lights says THANK YOU!


Here is the link to the donation form:
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