» GPS paperchase at KRONACH in lights®

Another highlight: Kronach is becoming an inside tip for all fans of geocaching! As most of us did not have the time during the light event to test the new interactive guided tour, we recently put it under the microscope – because the great advantage is: The GPS paperchase works during the whole year! http://www.innocept-engineering.com/kc-leuchtet: Simply download the necessary software on your mobile and get started. We must have been funny to watch when we went on our way under the guidance of the developers of the firm INNOCEPT. Fixed gaze on the phone, concentrated frown and delighted shrieks when we discovered one of the 10 lighting spots. When you get near the selected attractions of KRONACH in lights®, photographs and information on the piece of art appear and you have to answer a question. With all the answers that are collected on the way from the Europabrücke until the fortress you can find the long awaited treasure: Of course, we can not give away too much. However, the conclusion of the GPS paperchase as a result of intergenerational work is so great that almost all of the fans of geocaching recommend the path of Kronach. This high rate that is documented in the database geocaching.com is attracting more and more treasure hunters and leads them to the trace of KRONACH in lights®.