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» Call for Light Art 2020
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Light Art » Call for Light Art 2020

KRONACH in lights 2019,
Photo: Falk Bätz

KRONACH lights up for the 15th time:
April 24th – May 3rd, 2020

Present your light art work to over 120,000 interested visitors at our anniversary festival!

Apply until November 30th!



Apply with self-illuminating or illuminated light art!


3 budget categories: 1,000 € / 2,500 € / 5,000 €:

Submit sketches or, if available, photos of your light art work and tell us your budget category.


Essential information:

  • Name of the light art work
  • Project sketch
  • Description of the light art work
  • • technical requirements for operation (location, dimensions, power requirements, etc.)


Application deadline:

Send the application to by 30th November at the latest
or by mail to
KRONACH in lights
Markus Stirn
Tauschendorf 4
96317 Kronach

Submitted documents will not be returned, unless you attach the return postage. A reimbursement will not be made.


Property and Copyright:

  • The accepted works are and remain the property of the light artist
  • • KRONACH in lights has the right to create pictures and video material of the artwork itself or by commissioned photographers. The image material is used in the public relations work of KRONACH in lights and its partners. The light artist agrees to any further commercial use of the image material by KRONACH in lights.



  • For objects that are outdoors, weather resistance is essential. Rain and wind should not be a problem for the material and the static.
  • Full operation must be guaranteed on the 10 days of the event. The artist may need to repair or replace the artwork within 24 hours during the event.
  • The light artist constructs the objects on the assigned place from 20.04. until 23.04.2020 and dismantles from 04.05. until 09.05.2020.
  • By agreement, KRONACH in lights can provide overnight accommodation and meals during the construction and dismantling of the light art object.
  • There is no insurance cover for the light artist on the part of KRONACH in lights, neither during the preparation time, the construction, nor during the event or the dismantling.
  • By 30.01.2020, all information essential for the program must be available: What does the work of art look like, what idea is behind it, does it have a message, which materials are used.
  • Between the light artist and KRONACH in lights a contract is signed for the object of light art with the regulation of all details.


Selection of light art objects:

Until January 15, a jury will select and announce the best works of light art. The jury will not justify their selection.
Assessment criteria are creativity, integration of the location and compatibility with the basic ideas of KRONACH in lights.
KRONACH in lights is a citizens’ light festival for citizens that invites you to relax, discover and be amazed. The quiet character and the stroll along the light path are an integral part. The aim is to foster the pride of the homeland and the awareness that each and every one of them can contribute to the strengthening of the region.



KRONACH in lights reserves the right to exclude participants from the event without replacement if

    a) if the objects are not suitable for the operation being used (for example, weatherworthiness) or do not conform to the contractually agreed conditions,
    b) the presentation or content deviates from the principles and ideas of KRONACH in lights.


 Click here for the application form: Call for Light Art 2020 engl.