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The diversity makes KRONACH in lights unique! There is only one guideline for the pieces of art: They must have an effect! It is the artist’s decision which material he wants to use, if the presented object shines with its own light or if it is illuminated, if it is big or small.

The light artists are diverse as well: Some of them are freelance, art is their life. Others shownwhat has been slumbering inside of them for the first time. School projects find their way to KRONACH in lights as well. However, there is one thing that unites them all: the fascination of light.

You will find all our light artists and their artworks on the Lightwalk 2019:


The 3rd place of the Audience Award went to Andrea Lieb for her poppies. This light art also was shortlisted at the darc awards.

Benjamin Patterson: When Elephants Fight, It Is The Frogs That Suffer – A Sonic Graffiti (2016-2017),
previously exhibited at documenta in Kassel and Athens.
Photo: Gero Wagner

1rd place of the Audience Award
Elke Harras: Black Drops and the Organized Chaos.
Photo: Udo Krauß

Frank Wunderatsch: Starry Sky.
Photo: Christian Köferstein

Julia Franke: The Nest.
Photo: Bertram Schneider

Tilman Küntzel: Fallen Chandelier.
Photo: Falk Bätz

Freifrank: Watermarks

Frank Fischer aka Freifrank explains his works.

3 light installations from the Czech Republic,
funded with EU funds from Euregio Egrensis in collaboration with DEPO2015,

Jakub Geltner: SAT-Ball.
Photo: Bertram Schneider

Dan Gregor and Ondřej Průcha: DEMONZ/Demons.
Photo: Sonja Pfeilschmidt

Benedikt Tolar: Space Car.
Photo: Bertram Schneider