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Photography Contest

For a long time, KRONACH in lights has been the highlight for all friends of photography: They arrive from all over Germany to document the diversity of motives at this event with artistic photographies. At the yearly photography competition you do not only get the chance of winning attractive prices. There is also the prospect of a great audience for the chosen pictures, as the most beautiful ones are displayed at an exhibition of photography at the district administration of Kronach and printed in an art calendar.

Winner of the photo contest 2019:

57 photographers have submitted 2,305 images: There was so much beauty in it that it was not an easy task to determine the winners! But the jury under the auspices of photo competition organizer Hartmut Nenninger has come up with the following prizewinners with much effort and consideration:

Category architecture

KRONACH in lights 2019, 1st place architecture:
Strauer Street, Coburg Workshop, Lightpoint 26, Photo: Karl-Heinz Wagner

KRONACH in lights 2019, 2nd place architecture:
Protestant church, Coburg Workshop, Lightpoint 26, Photo: Jennifer Alka

KRONACH in lights 2019, 3rd place architecture:
Garküche/Strau, Coburg Workshop, Lightpoint 26, Photo: Bertram Schneider

Category visitors/atmosphere

KRONACH in lights 2019, 1st place atmosphere:
Dandelion, Lightpoint 74, Photo: Anita Janda

KRONACH in lights 2019, 2nd place atmosphere:
Bamberg Gate, Int. Workshop Lighting Design, Lightpoint 64, Photo: Maik Scholz

KRONACH in lights 2019, 3rd place atmosphere:
Light Girls at Lightwalk, Lightpoint 86, Photo: Jürgen Stauch

Category light art

KRONACH in lights 2019, 1st place light art:
Shadow dreams/Anna-Chapel, Lightpoint 71, Photo: Christian Köferstein

KRONACH in lights 2019, 2nd place light art:
Volcano, Lightpoint 7, Photo: Christian Hoderlein

KRONACH in lights 2019, 3rd place light art:
Magic tree, Lightpoint 49, Photo: Jenny Gisert

The Long Night of the Photographers: Every year on the 2nd Saturday of the Light Festival there is a special highlight! The installations light up until 4 o’clock in the morning. Undisturbed by streams of visitors, the light art works can now be photographed.

There are 3 Competition Categories:

  • Architecture

  • Light Art

  • Visitors and Atmosphere


Prizes for each category:

  1. Place: voucher for 100 €
  2. Place: voucher for 50 €
  3. Place: voucher for 25 €


The photographs can be sent by e-mail with the password „Photography Competition 2019” to With the sending of the pictures you agree to the terms of competition. There is no charge for the submission of the application. The submitted documents will not be returned, but you can collect them if this has been agreed in advance.
Please note: Every picture submitted for participation must bear “KRONACH leuchtet 2019” and the name of the photographer!

Closing Date: is each year on May 31st, 11.59h pm.

Granting of awards: The judges will choose the best pictures until July 1st and announce the winners. There will be no reasons given for the choice. The criteria for evaluation are creativity, the integration of the location and the compatibility with the basic ideas of KRONACH in lights. An exhibition of photography will take place in November at the district administration of Kronach.

Requirements on the photographic material:

High-Resolution: 3.500 x 5.000 pixel or rather 5.000 x 3.500
Picture in format jpg, raw, eps.
Please note: Every picture submitted for participation must bear “KRONACH leuchtet 2019” and the name of the photographer!

Picture Rights: The rights of the submitted pictures remain with the photographers. Therefore, KRONACH Creativ e.V. only gets a right of joint use at no charge.

The participants agree to a publication free of charge. This includes the publication in the art calendar, the public exhibition, the publication on the website of as well as on social media such as und the use for advertising purposes of KRONACH in lights in print media, online or in films. The photographer will be named at the publication.

All the persons that are shown in the submitted pictures have to be in agreement with the publication. The pictures must be free of claims or rights of third parties. The further use of the pictures by the photographer is not restricted.

Contact: Hartmut Nenninger,, +49 9261 61846


The winners 2018:



1. place architecture:
Courtyard with fortress gate, Photo: Bertram Schneider

2. place architecture:
Fortress wall with moon, Photo: Anita Janda

3. place architecture:
Fortress gate entrance, Photo: Martin Zwosta

Visitors and Atmosphere

1. place atmosphere:
Blue netting, nest, Photo: Falk Bätz

2. place atmosphere:
Opening ceremony, Photo: Frank Backer

3. place atmosphere:
Parish church with starry sky, Photo: Jennifer Alka

Light Art

1. place light art:
Mapping workshop, Photo: Gregor Schreiber

2. place light art:
Summer meadow with poppy flowers, Photo: Michael Hüttner

3. place light art:
Galaxy Entrance, Photo: Christian Köferstein


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