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» Lighting academy
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Lighting Expertise » Lighting academy

Our goal: The lighting academy Kronach

KRONACH in lights has also earned a good reputation internationally!
Photo: Bertram Schneider

We have set our sights too high? No! Because first, every year KRONACH in lights proves with its 120,000 visitors what a region can achieve if it makes a great effort. And second, our international workshops are already the seedbed for a permanent lighting academy! Students from all over the world come here to Kronach to combine theory and practice of lighting design. The lecturers come from renowned architectural studios and from universities in Coburg, Leipzig, Wismar, Turin in Italy and Cairo in Egypt. The International Symposium on Urban Lighting 4.0, which was staged in 2018, was another step in the direction of the lighting academy.

To put it in a nutshell: There is lighting expertise in Kronach. There are contacts in Kronach. These are essential preconditions for the founding of a lighting academy.

Light and its effects is a topic of the future and offers numerous chances of development. The lighting academy in Kronach could combine research and practice, it could develop new lighting concepts, test them at KRONACH in lights and put them as permanent installations at private and public buildings into practice. Amongst others, this could develop a new tourism segment and offer the potential of lasting development to the whole region.

The dream of the lighting academy in Kronach is absolutely realistic, there is already a promising light on the horizon!

The program of the college is titled „Light in Public Space“ and it has established following priorities:


  • High quality front illumination
  • Atmospheric seeing
  • Design of the public space
  • Design



  • Light Pollution
  • Protection of the habitat
  • Health



  • Security lighting
  • Modern application technology and solutions
  • Definition of the illumination (set of rules and regulations)