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Light Art strengthens the International Understanding

The interactive dodgeball game DEMONZ spoke to all, regardless of their native language! Photo: Sonja Pfeilschmidt

The language of light art is being understood throughout the world. KRONACH in lights benefits of this internationality and builds up contacts all over the globe. For one thing, the light festival itself becomes more varied. For another, this cooperation contributes wilfully to the international understanding: light connects!

  • Czech Republic: “Pilsen2015” and the “BLIK BLIK Festival”
    Development Programme “Euregio Egrensis” with EU funds, a programme for the transnational cooperation between the Free State of Bavaria and the Czech Republic; requested by KRONACH in lights, the name of the project is “Bright Connection”. The goal: Remove barriers in your head. The action: 4 art works from Pilsen, a Czech band plays at the opening, the delegation attends, flyers in two languages, German-Czech Friendship Day
    – German-Czech Future Foundation, requested by Pilsen2015; the name of the project is “Artistic Residence”. The goal: Remove barriers in your head. The action: One artist from Kronach will create a piece of art for the “BLIK BLIK Festival” at Pilsen in March, which will be presented at KRONACH in lights as well.
  • Great Britain: “Lewes Lighting Festival”
    An exchange of pieces of light art: 2019 “Through the window”, the composite work of the artist Peter Messer, the designer Art Lewery and the projection artist Jack Beccegato
  • China:
    – The application for the admission to the Development Programme EU-China-Tourism-Year 2018
    Dr. Xun Luo from the course Future Design in Kronach encouraged the cooperation with the renowned Tongji-University at Shanghai, financially supported by the Confucius Institute Munic: A delegation comes to visit and students participate in the workshops.
  • Luxembourg, nature park Our: KRONACH in lights helps to set up a light festival; the main subject is the struggle against the light pollution, a delegation will be expected at KONACH in lights.
  • An exchange of ideas with the persons responsible for the “Amsterdam Light Festival”in the Netherlands.

National Interconnectedness: