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» Project NightActive

NightActive: The innovative lighting concept from KRONACH in lights


With optimized lighting for a feel-good concept!

  • based on the needs of the people
  • with the latest light and sensor technology
  • minimizes light pollution & saves energy

Better light instead of more light

  • purposeful
  • time-optimized
  • needs focused

NightActive leads from pure technical to well-being by combining existing approaches:

  • Involvement of the population (Co-Design): The needs of all residents, business, commerce and traffic regarding night lighting are checked and incorporated into the lighting master plan.
  • The actual current use of the area to be illuminated is recorded over a longer period of time.
  • Future-oriented and environmentally lighting competency is integrated: directed light against light pollution, street lighting over facades, high-quality architectural lighting.
  • Latest lighting technology from effective lamps to sensors to programmed control software is installed.

The whole region benefits from NightActive:

  • Our homeland becomes more liveable and more alive through a cultivated night cityscape.
  • The subjective sense of security at night, which is weakened especially in the elderly, is strengthened. Actual safety is increased by preventing crime and accidents.
  • Demographic change is being tackled as an attractive city reduces emigration and encourages immigration.
  • Tourism benefits from skilfully illuminated cultural features and an inviting cityscape.

NightActive: Winner of the Google Impact Challenge!

In 2018 KRONACH in lights won Google’s vote with the lighting concept NightActive: Feeling comfortable at night on streets and town and village squares, who would not want that?


These before/after pictures show NightActive’s possibilities:
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