KRONACH leuchtet®

27.04. - 06.05.18

10 Nächte wohlfühlen – entdecken – staunen ab 19:30 Uhr

Guided tours


The “light way” has 1000 faces and ideas.


New illuminations are developed by artists, designers and workshop participants every year. There are ideas transformed in an own story at every single light point and realised by light and shadows.


Get to know the stories behind the light concepts and take the artists‘ view. Be surprised about how many ideas, thoughts and details are in the artworks and get deeper into the world of illuminations.


Use the possibility to take part in a guided light tour, enjoy the deeper insight and see light from a new perspective.



Venue: Old market hall

Time: everyday at 9:30 pm

Cost: 5 euro*

Duration: app. 1 ,5 hour

If groups, clubs, companies want to take part or you would like to get a guided tour in English, please send an email  fuehrungen(at) or call Markus Stirn +49173 8379686 in advance.


Please inform us in advance if you are a group with more than 10 people.

Group discount of 5% by registration before 15 April 2017.



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