KRONACH leuchtet®

27.04. - 06.05.18

10 Nächte wohlfühlen – entdecken – staunen ab 19:30 Uhr

How to become a sponsor of Kronach in lights


Kronach in lights is this successful as the town is newly illuminated every year, thus visitors are comfortable and can discover the town again and be amazed. In ten days nearly 100.000 visitors come to see the illuminated city during the night.


Use the widespread presence and attraction of the biggest Bavarian light event, Kronach in lights.


As an sponsor you can chose between several advertising packets. We were pleased to give you some advise. Of course we will also cater your special wishes and help with words and deeds.


There will be advertisement in the radio, newspapers and the Internet, big posters in around 100 km range around Kronach, banner ads, posters in A2 and A3, labels, flyers, leaflets and ads in social media.


Contact sponsorship/advertisement

Britta RürupFriesener Torweg 4

96317 Kronach

Tel. 09261 308558

E-Mail:britta.ruerup (at)

Dominik KossakowskiRhodter Straße 20

96317 Kronach

Tel.  +49 163 8982226

E-Mail: dominik.kossakowski (at)

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