KRONACH leuchtet®

27.04. - 06.05.18

10 Nächte wohlfühlen – entdecken – staunen ab 19:30 Uhr



Licht. Licht? Licht! – Light. Light? Light!


Licht. Licht? Licht! jDPG-Regionalgruppe Bayreuth Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaf

Fascinating answers to everyday questions

Join-in-exhibition in Lucas-Cranach-Straße from 29 April until 08 May 2016, daily starting at 7:30 pm


Every day at 8:30 pm there will be lectures of professors, instructors and experts. It is planned to have a wide range of topics, e. g. basics of good facade lighting, garden illumination…
What is laser? What is light pollution?
The schedule will come soon!

How does a rainbow come up?
Why do we have a blue heaven?
Why do soap bubbles dazzle?
What is laser and for what do we need it?


A group of physics students from Bayreuth has dedicated its exhibition to these questions. It can be seen during the Kronach in lights festival 2016. Light is not even an elementary requirement for life of plants, animals and every one of us. Also science and technology can hardly work without it. The exhibition offers numerous experiments, illustrative models, fascinating everyday questions, physics and technology to show the thrilling world behind the light phenomenon.


So get curious and awake your spirit of research. Get lightened!

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